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Lori's Story - Cervical Epidural For Pain From Herniated Discs (A Successful Epidural Injection Story)

 My name is Lori. I am a 48 yr old white female.  I have been having trouble with my neck, shoulders and upper back for about 5 yrs now.  After having several MRIs and a Myelogram, I found out that I have herniated dics at C5 and C6. Not bad enough to have surgery, but the pain was awful, I hurt 24/7.

After consulting with my Dr. I decided to try a Cervical Epidural. I had heard both good and bad stories on the results of these.  I can say the procedure itself was not so bad, not as uncomfortable as I originally thought it would be. Although the day after (Tuesday) was pure Hell, I felt as if I had been hit by a train ! I hurt to move my upper body ! No matter how I moved my head, my neck hurt. I just kept on the painkillers and did nothing most of the day. Now Today (Wednesday) I feel wonderful !!!   A little stiffness in my neck when I turn a certain way, but other than that No Pain !! I have had No pain Pills today, and hopefully this will last for a while, I still have 2 more shots in my series of injections but not until I start to feel the pain start back. I would definitely recommend for someone to give an Epidural a try for neck relief.


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